Is Anyone Else Craving Cheese And Pickles?

, , , | Working | April 27, 2020

(I go to order lunch from a fast food franchise at the mall. It’s midweek so it’s not busy at all. There’s one person ordering when I approach. When it’s my turn, this happens. Mind you, I speak loudly and clearly.)

Employee: “Hello, what can I get you?”

Me: “Hi! I’d like a [signature burger] without cheese and without pickles, please.”

Employee: “Okay, so, one burger, no onions, no pickles.”

Me: “Umm… Actually, it’s no cheese, no pickles.”

(I smile politely and he smiles back.)

Employee: *cheerfully* “Okay! So, no cheese, no onions.” 

Me: *super loud in case he has trouble hearing* “I want onions. Just without cheese and without pickles, please.”

Employee: *super confident* “Okay! One burger with extra cheese and no onions.”

Me: *blinks, wonders if he’s kidding* “No, no… No cheese, no pickles, with onions.”

Employee: “Oh, okay. No cheese, no onio– Umm, no pickles. Is that right? No cheese, no pickles?”

Me: *relieved* “Yesssss! That’s right! Thank you!”

(I paid and waited for my meal. Guess who got cheese on their burger?!)

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