Ironically, You Can See That You Are Blind

, , , | Right | April 24, 2019

(I’m the stupid customer in this one. I’ve gone to the local one-stop-shop to put an item I expect to end up hard to find come Black Friday on layaway. I’ve never done layaway before, so I stop a passing associate.)

Me: “Excuse me. Are you guys doing layaway right now?”

Associate: “Yeah, I think so, until around the 10th of December.”

(I happen to look up at this point to see a sign that says this exact thing. He follows my gaze and points up at it.)

Associate: “Yeah, there you go, see?”

Me: “Best place to hide things is overhead or in plain sight, and apparently, I can’t look up today. How does this process work?”

(He gestures to another sign just around the corner, in plain sight, explaining the whole process step-by-step.)

Me: “Well, one last question, then. Can you tell me where the nearest optometrist is? Clearly, I’ve gone completely blind to the obvious, too!”

(We shared a laugh and he helped me put the Switch I wanted on layaway. Hopefully, I’m not this blind when I actually get it!)

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