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Irish Fooling Herself

| Learning | July 19, 2013

(One of my classmates is chattering away next to me while we’re all working on our assignment for the day.)

Classmate: “Oh, yes, I love accents. Especially Irish. I made a deal with Jesus that if I get married, he has to be an Irish redhead. Preferably a museum curator.”

Me: “Are you going to go on a tour of museums in Ireland, then? That would probably be a fascinating—”

Classmate: *laughing* “No, don’t be silly. He has to come find me.”

Me: “Is that so.”

Classmate: “Yes!”

Me: “Here, in Cow-Town Colorado.”

Classmate: “Or Seattle. I’m moving there someday. I’m sure he’ll find me once I’m in Seattle.”

Me: “Uh, well, how will this dream man from across the pond know where you are? Or even that you exist?”

Classmate: “I made a deal with Jesus!”

(I dropped the subject.)

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