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(A customer comes into the store, asking for help setting up his Apple ID on his iPad mini. We use an existing email address, and the only step left is to open that email and verify the Apple ID. He doesn’t know the email password, so he calls his wife.)

Me: *on phone to wife* “We need the password for his email so he can verify his Apple ID.”

Wife: “I want him to have a separate account for that device.”

(I think she means for me to double check that I have logged out of her Apple ID and created a separate one for her husband.)

Me: “That’s what I have done; now all I need is the password for that email…”

Wife: *speaking to me as if I am two years old* “Listen. To. Me. I. Want. Him. To. Have. A. Separate. Email. Not. Associated. With. Anything. We. Do. At. Home.”

Me: “I understand. I will create a new email that ends in “[@website].””

Wife: *yelling slowly* “Why were you confused? Why did I have to raise my voice to be understood?”

Me: “Ma’am, you didn’t.”

Wife: *as if she’s at a yelling competition* “Now, if you don’t do this for him, I’m going to have you arrested.”

Me: *surprised that arresting technology has progressed so far as to be capable via phone* “Ma’am, you cannot threaten me over the phone.”

(The call “accidentally?” disconnects.)

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