iPad Does Not Mean iPay

, , , | Right | February 10, 2020

(I work for a customer service call center for a photo app. Mostly I just get people calling wondering where their order is, but this lady… is a new one.)

Me: “Good morning. This is [My Name] with [Company]; how may I help you?”

Caller: *irate* “I ordered one of your photo tiles and it fell off the wall and broke my iPad screen!

Me: “Oh, geez, I’m really sorry to hear that. We can offer you a refund on the tile and send you some better adhesives right away.”

Caller: “Well, that doesn’t help my iPad screen, now does it?”

Me: “I can understand your frustration, but unfortunately, all I can offer you is a refund and to send you some better adhesives. Sometimes certain materials on walls, the tiles don’t stick to so well.”

Caller: “And how is that supposed to fix my iPad screen?”

Me: “I’m very sorry the tile fell down and broke your iPad, but again, we can only offer a refund.”

Caller: “I don’t think you’re taking this very seriously. Maybe if you offered me some better compensation, I would feel better.”

Me: “Well… unfortunately, I am sorry, but we can only offer the refund.”

Caller: “I’M FIGHTING A LOSING BATTLE! I’ll take the refund.” *click* 

(I am sorry your iPad broke, lady, but we’re not responsible for where you put your stuff!)

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