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Involving The Family In Family Planning

| Related | March 27, 2016

(I have been dating a much older man, and things have been going great until a birth control accident leaves me pregnant. We have to tell his children, who are my age…)

Me: “So, we wanted to tell you that things are about to change… in a good way…” *looks like deer in headlights, so he interrupts*

Him: “Listen, there’s no nice way to say this. I knocked up a girl your age, and we’re keeping the baby!”

Daughter #1: *shocked* “So, this is what you guys have been doing behind my back?!”

Me: “It’s not like we meant for it to happen!”

Daughter #2: “They have birth control, you know!”

Him: “Listen, these things fail. Obviously they aren’t 100%, or you wouldn’t be here!”

Daughter #3: *looks at me* “I hope you are going to do the right thing—” *I take a breath, expecting the worst* “—and make an honest man out of him. Dad has been lonely a long time, and this is the happiest I have seen him since mom left him!”

Daughters #1 & #2: “You agree with them?!”

Daughter #3: “Sure, and I thought you would, too, especially since you two will have plenty in common with this baby. I was planned. You guys weren’t!”

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