Invading Personal Space Requires A Personal Response

| Friendly | October 31, 2016

(I am shopping at an outlet mall with my friends and their two-year-old daughter. It’s very crowded due to the time of year and some customers are getting a bit pushy.)

Friend #1: *after several close encounter of an awkward kind* “I hate it when people stand way too close in line behind you.”

(We went to a coffee shop for lunch. Friend #2 and I went to stake out a table while Friend #1 got in line with his toddler on his shoulders. A man got in line behind them, standing weirdly close despite there being plenty of room. My friend didn’t notice this but his daughter did. She twisted around, reared back, and WHACKED the guy on his head. Friend #1 didn’t even see this while Friend #2 and I were dying in a fit of laughter. We had to tell him afterward. I guess the toddler had had enough as well.)

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