Interview With A Ghost

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(I’m near the reception of the offices when a young man in a shirt and tie walks in.)

Receptionist: “Hello. How can we help you today?”

Interviewee: “I’m here for an interview.”

(The receptionist looks at me, but I don’t have any interviews scheduled for that morning.)

Me: “Is it with [Assistant Store Manager]?”

Interviewee: “Yes.”

Receptionist: “Unfortunately, we just got a call from him that he had some car trouble and will be running late. Why don’t you take a seat? I’ll get you some water.”

(The receptionist gets him settled, and I pass by him a few times, acknowledging him with a smile and a nod. Eventually, my coworker calls and says the manager’s car will have to be towed, and he doesn’t know when he will be able to get in.)

Me: “I’m incredibly sorry about this, but it looks like he won’t be in today. I’d hate for you to have to reschedule, so here’s what we will do. I’ll be on a conference call for the next half hour. When I’m done, I’ll conduct your interview, instead. Why don’t you take this voucher for our café, and get yourself a free cup of coffee while you wait? I’ll just take your resume so that we can get started right away.”

Interviewee: “Okay, thank you!”

(I take the resume, and he walks off towards the café. At the end of my phone conference, I glance over his resume, which seems solid, but I can’t find in my colleague’s notes what position this man is interviewing for. I go out to fetch the man from the waiting room, and he isn’t there. I ask in the café, and they say he left a few minutes prior. Confused, I set his resume aside. Two hours later, the assistant store manager finally comes in.)

Me: “Hey, your morning interview was in. I offered to do his interview, but he disappeared. Do we want to call him back or…?”

Assistant Store Manager: “What morning interview?”

Me: “This guy.”

(I hand him the resume and my colleague stares at it, confused.)

Assistant Store Manager: “I didn’t have any interviews scheduled today, and I’ve never seen this name before in my life.”

(It’s been a week and we haven’t cracked the case of the mystery job hunter. I hope he enjoyed his free coffee!)

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