Internet = Tubes, Word = Sheets

, | | Right | June 29, 2017

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Woman 1: “What is that little trash can on the screen?”

Woman 2: “My son says that is called the ‘recycle bin’. He tells me when I don’t want a Word document anymore and I delete it, it really goes in there.”

Woman 1: “Why in the recycle thingy? Can’t you just erase it?”

Woman 2: “Oh no, Word wouldn’t work for very long if I did that, I would run out of blank pages.”

Woman 1: “Why?”

Woman 2: “Because it cleans the words off the pages, then sends the blank sheets back to Word so they can be used again. That’s why it’s called the recycle bin.”


(Originally published on November 16th, 2007)

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  • Trillium

    Metaphorically true. Blah blah blah memory blah blah blah.

  • Ophelia

    I’m guessing her son gave her that explanation because she refused to believe that there could be infinite pages on a digital word processor, so he just made that up so she would stop being angry at him.

    • Daistis

      He could have also told her that she needs to delete old documents to free up storage on her drive for new documents and that’s how she understood it

      • Bel-Shamharoth

        I don’t think really makes sense, because he apparently didn’t tell her to empty the recycle bin. She said she explicitly avoids emptying it because she thought it needed the pages to recycle.

    • Caerus

      Well, it can’t be infinite. Processing takes up RAM and bigger the document, more RAM you need. At some point your computer would just halt. To be fair, it would have to be a fricking big document but still.

      • Ophelia

        Well, that’s if you’re working on all of them at once, but yeah, you’re right. Even then, there’s going to be physical wear and tear and eventually it’ll stop working. But the number of pages would still be much larger than that of a regular notebook, and I think that’s where the lady was confused: She couldn’t separate the concept of a word processor from that of a notebook or legal pad.

        • Caerus

          True, true

  • faifai

    “Woman 1, woman 2….” I’m thinking this is more an apocryphal story and less something that was actually heard by the OP.

  • Adrian Mckeehan

    Of all the classic stories on this site, they choose this one

    Here’s a cute hedgehog

    • Trillium


  • TheWonderRabbit

    I think it’s both sad and lazy that instead of encouraging new and original contributions, NAW is just reposting stories.

    No points to Griffindor.

    • ChaotixRocker

      Ummm, Throwback Thursday is a popular think in several peer-done things and, personally, I really do enjoy the idea of them digging through their archives and finding stories, now if only they could find the FB comments. XD

      • Jackie Fauxe

        I want those comments to return so much. I like the Disqus change a lot, but I really want to be able to revisit the legacy comments.

  • termt

    Whoa, I’ve been reading stuff on here for that long already?

  • Grifter Timber Wolf

    That is SUPER scary how logical that sounds too!

  • Jackie Fauxe

    I don’t really care for reposts, but I like that they’re only doing one a week, and I like that they’re now including the “originally published” date. It’s kinda funny that they’re combining votes, and I wonder what will happen to the comments if/when the legacy comments are fixed and when the time comes for Disqus stories to be republished.

  • TIFP

    I mean, technically true… when you ‘delete’ something its not really gone, the operating system just marks that space on the disk as ‘ok to overwrite’
    Its why data recovery is a thing… there’s special software to restore the files that were ‘deleted’ if they aren’t overwritten already.
    But enough nerding out.

  • A Stead

    This sounds like a Blond joke.

    Although having now worked on Macs, they use “Send to trash” rather than “Delete”, as it’s more accurate. You can dig things out of the trash can, until you empty it.

  • jimfromtx

    One of those times when someone’s kinda right, but for the wrong reason. Like when your math is totally off, but somehow still come up with the right answer.

  • Aaron

    I felt my intelligence drop from reading thst…