Internet Killed The Video Store

, , | Learning | July 13, 2015

(I’m taking an online-only course on video editing. The final project requires that we post a video we have created with various elements online. On the night that I am trying to post my project, two days before its due, the instructor’s preferred video site isn’t working. Since he gave us the option to post it where ever we want and I have my own web server, I quickly put together a page using HTML5 video and put it on my site. When I get my grades back I note that he’s given me a C. It was enough to drop my overall grade in the class to a B+. Note that this is the first assignment – ever in my two years of college, not just in this class – that I’ve gotten less than an A on.)

Me: “I see you gave me a ‘C’ on my final project. May I ask why? I thought I had done a good job on the video.”

Teacher: “The video itself was good. I’d have given you an ‘A+’ on it, but you didn’t put any design into the page you put it on.”

Me: “That’s not part of the grading rubric you gave us.”

Teacher: “Regardless, you’re in a web design program, and there was no design.”

Me: “So, wait a second: you’re telling me that because I took the extra effort and used technical knowledge about the field – which this degree program has yet to cover, I might add – to create my own online player but didn’t make it pretty that I’m getting a lower grade than if I’d just uploaded it to YouTube like my technophobic mother could do? And all that even though the only thing on the rubric was the video itself?”

Teacher: “Yes.”

Me: “And you don’t see the problem with that?”

Teacher: “I can’t help you.”

(Ultimately this undeserved ‘C’ caused me to graduate with a 3.98 GPA instead of a 4.0. I never got below an ‘A’ in any other course.)

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