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International Relations Are History

| Learning | January 9, 2014

(I am working as a volunteer to help set up for prom. One of my classmates has her seven-year-old brother with her.)

Classmate’s Brother: “You sound funny. Are you foreign?

Me: “Oh, yes! I’m from Germany. That’s very perceptive—”

(At this point, the boy screams and runs to his sister. I am horrified and too nervous to go ask what’s wrong. After a few minutes, my clearly embarrassed classmate walks up to me.)

Classmate: “Er… sorry about that. See, his class has been covering the Holocaust. Apparently, he thought you were a Nazi.”

Me: “WHAT?!

Classmate: “Yeah, look. I am really, really sorry. I’ve talked to him and assured him that Germans are very nice people and not out to kill anyone…”

Question of the Week

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