International Bear Hugs

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(My boyfriend of two years is in the army, and my birthday was recently. He has given me tracking information, and I am able to figure out where the package originated from. It turns out to be a rotating power strip. I call him before bed check the day the power strip arrives.)

Me: “Thanks for the power strip! My mom was confused about it; I knew she didn’t know what to make of it.”

Boyfriend: “But it’s so useful!”

Me: “I know! I’ll probably install it in the kitchen.”

Boyfriend: “Oh, by the way: expect another package tomorrow.”

Me: “What? From you?”

Boyfriend: “Yes. The power strip was a diversion.”

Me: “You little… Can I have the tracking information?”

Boyfriend: “No.”

Me: “Can I have at least what shipping company you’re using?”

Boyfriend: “No. But it should arrive tomorrow.”

Me: “You’re lucky I love you.”

(He kept laughing, before saying bed check was soon. The next morning, I checked the mail and there was a package. It turned out that it was a “Bear Forces of America” teddy bear, complete with an army uniform. I am blessed that he remembered me speculating on how to get one from Build-a-Bear during Memorial Day weekend which is when he left for basic!)

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