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Internalizing The Problems With The Workforce

, , , , | Working | April 6, 2018

I had just graduated university and was hunting for my first job, exclusively for entry-level positions and internships. On every online job platform, I selected the “entry-level position” filter. Most of these advertisements even had “entry-level” in their title. I believe many companies do not understand the concept. I would inevitably stumble on positions with a combination of — if not all — these requirements:

  • Minimum one to two years experience
  • Must have [very specific degree not required for low-level administrative work]
  • Must speak German, French, English, and Spanish/Italian/Dutch, etc. fluently
  • Must be willing to work overtime and irregular schedule
  • Must be currently enrolled at university or recent graduate with experience
  • Unpaid

I finally found an internship without crazy requirements, but have always wondered if these companies found their amazing quadrilingual recent graduates with experience who’d be willing to work for free (most internships in Switzerland are paid). Interns do valid work and deserve to be compensated.

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