Intern-al Affairs

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(On the last Thursday of every month, I organise the archive room in my office. We have a fair number of interns in the office over the summer holidays, some of which are the children of full-time employees. I have spent the past six hours organising the archive room when a manager comes in. The intern in this story is said manager’s son.)

Manager: “[My Name], I am very disappointed with you today.”

Me: “What have I done?”

Manager: “Absolutely nothing! You’ve barely been at your desk.”

Me: “It’s the last Thursday. I always tidy up in here on the last Thursday.”

Manager: “No, [Intern] has been doing that.”

Me: “No, that’s wrong. The only time I’ve been out of this room is for my lunch and for the toilet.”

Manager: “[Intern] said you have been hiding from me all day. He saw you run in here five minutes ago.”

Me: “Well, you have a choice. You can either believe me or [Intern].”

Manager: “I believe [Intern]. He is my son, after all. There isn’t a person I trust more.”

Me: “Then, I’m sure you will be taking the appropriate actions against him.”

Manager: “What are you talking about?”

Me: “Interns aren’t allowed in here, because they aren’t contractually responsible if anything goes missing. If your son was in here, then it means someone either gave him the access code or a pass, which is a breach of company policy.” *seeing her going pale* “Don’t worry, though. I’ll be more than happy to report this to [Senior Manager] when I see him tomorrow.”

Manager: “No… I might go and ask him again, just in case I misheard. He probably meant [Employee with similar-sounding name that’s been on paternity leave the entire summer].”

(I saw her the next day, and she practically dragged me away from [Senior Manager] while shouting that her son made a simple mistake. [Senior Manager] was so shocked by the display that he suggested she take a few days off with stress. Her son completed his time with us, but he had the poorest productivity out of all the interns that year. It’s doubtful he will ever be taken on again.)

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