Interior Inferior

| Brooklyn, NY, USA | Right | December 1, 2016

(I work as a retail associate (barely above minimum wage, no benefits) at a very upscale boutique that sells furniture and home goods. Most of our clients are incredibly wealthy AND nosy, but don’t seem to have any grasp of the income gap at all. I have this interaction pretty regularly.)

Customer: “Oh, man, I just LOVE this store. And you always have such great advice, great taste, great design input. You must have the most stylish home.”

Me: “I do what I can.”

Customer: “Which pieces do you have in YOUR home?”

Me: “Uh, I actually don’t have anything from the store. Well, a couple of very small items.”

Customer: “Oh, haha, I’m sure your place is full of great antique finds! You’re probably sick of all THIS stuff.”

Me: “Well, it’s mostly IKEA.”

Customer: “Oh. Well, IKEA is… easy.”

Me: “Yep. And inexpensive. Good for a retail employee’s budget. Anything else I can help you find?”

Customer: *usually completely baffled* “Uh… no, thanks.”

(They are often so persistent I’ve even had to deflect direct questions about my income! Often after selling them a $1900 coffee table or something.)

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