Inter-Mead-iary Interests

| Romantic | August 19, 2012

(I am a home-brewer, a personal hobby I take very seriously, and have a few heroes in the industry. My favourite drink to make is mead, a type of wine made with honey. I am reading out some news to my boyfriend.)

Me: “Oh, [author of famous mead handbook] had heart surgery today.”

(My boyfriend gasps.)

Me: “Um… wha?”

Boyfriend: “What kind?!”

Me: “Do you even… know who I’m talking about?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, that guy who makes that limited edition mead you really want to try, and wrote your mead bible.”

Me: “Huh. Well, uh, bypass.”

Boyfriend: “That’s rough, but what do you mean ‘huh’?”

Me: “Well, I mean, it’s kind of important to me, but you really only get into the finished product. Everything else is me babbling at you because I’m excited.”

Boyfriend: “Contrary to popular belief, some boyfriends do actually listen and retain what their girlfriends say to them.”

Me: “Just so you know, I don’t retain crap about your 40k models.”

Boyfriend: “And, I love you anyway.”

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