Intentionally Closed Minded

, , , , | Right | August 26, 2019

(I am closing my registers at a well-known retail store. It is a couple of minutes after closing and the lights are out; customers are still leaving. As I’m closing, a man and woman walk into my department — shoes.)

Man: *to woman* “They’re closed.”

(They start meandering through the department, occasionally picking things up. I don’t say anything to them about closing because people frequently window shop as they leave at night. After I’ve completely closed both my registers, the woman walks up to me with two shoes.)

Woman: “Are you closed?”

Me: “Yes.”


(My eyes are wide. Our lights are off, three closing announcements have been made, and I heard the man tell her we were closed.)

Me: “I’m… sorry. I just assumed you were looking on your way out.”

(The woman slams down the floor samples on the wrong table, looking at me like she wants me to know she’s INTENTIONALLY putting them in the wrong place, and walks away.)

Woman: “Have a great night.”

Me: “You, too!”

(I tell my manager what happened. She describes the woman to me.)

Manager: “Is that what she looked like?”

Me: “YES!”

Manager: “Don’t worry about it. I just had to chase her out of accessories because she was insisting that we weren’t closed!”

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