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Intelligence Thrown Overboard

, | Related | October 2, 2013

(I am with my family on a weekend trip. We visit a historical ship that used to be a war ship back in 1864. I am walking below deck with my dad, when he remarks upon the lift installed for physically impaired tourists visiting the ship.)

Dad: “Oh look, they had an elevator! That’s smart!”

Me: *thinking that my dad is joking* “Oh yes! They must have used it to carry the cannonballs and luggage.”

Dad: “I wonder how they powered it? Maybe it was steam-powered.”

(I realize that my dad is completely serious.)

Me: “Dad, you don’t really think they put up elevators with signs that said ‘max. 6 persons’ in 1864 do you?”

Dad: “Oh! No! Please don’t tell anyone I said that!”

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