Intelligence Abhors A Vacuum

| Learning | May 20, 2014

(I am taking a career assessment exam review. It’s a language/verbal session. Friends consider me a grammar pedant for my constant correction of their sentences and spelling.)

Teacher: “Okay. Everyone, please choose the word with the wrong spelling from the following.”

(She pauses for a while to see if everyone heard. She continues, writing on the board the words directly from her mock test.)

Teacher: “All right: A, judgment; B, vaccuum; C, bartender; and D, jockeying.”

(Of course, ‘vaccuum’ was the correct answer, so I write down the word. Later, when we check our works…)

Teacher: “So the answer to number one is…”

(In unison all of the class, except for two of my friends, yell.)

Class: “A!”

Me: “What? No! It’s letter B! Judgment can have an E after the G depending on its use.”

Teacher: “Now, [My Name], I know you’re the best speller in the entire school, but this is probably the most stupid thing you’ve said.”

Classmate behind Me: “Yeah, everyone knows judgment has to have an E to be right!”

Me: “All right, how do you spell vacuum?”

Teacher: “V-A-C-C-U-U-M!”

(Cue my endless face-palming.)

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