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, , | Hopeless | September 26, 2016

(I’m on my way to my car to go home from work when I see a parking ticket on the windscreen. I’m surprised since the car is brand new and because I’ve never had a car new from the factory before I’m extremely careful with it. When I come closer I see, to my horror, that the car has a big dent above the front wheel and realize it isn’t a parking ticket but a note from someone who has hit my car. As I start taking pictures of the damage a car pulls up next to me.)

Driver: “Is this your car?”

Me: *almost crying* “Yes.”

Driver: “I am so sorry. I hit your car as I was backing out. I’ve been driving by every other hour hoping to see you. I was afraid the note would blow away and I didn’t want to be one of those a**holes who hit someone and then drives away. That has happened to me and it sucks. I have already been in contact with my insurance company and everything should be covered by my insurance. I’m so sorry.”

(We exchanged information and I went back to work to contact my insurance company. It took three months and three trips to the mechanic before the car was fixed but I didn’t have to pay anything. Anyone can have an accident but for the driver to take responsibility and actually make sure I got all the information I needed instead of just driving of took integrity. Thank you, but please don’t do it again.)

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