Instrumental In Your Graduation

| Learning | January 30, 2015

(After the marching band season is over, our band parents host a banquet to celebrate the graduating seniors. The director is giving the seniors their awards.)

Director: “She’s dedicated to what she does and is both instrumentally and vocally talented! [Friend], please come up!”

My Friend: *goes up to the band director*

Director: “[Choir Teacher] and I will miss you.”

(They do a photo and my friend sits down.)

Director: “It’s amazing, she plays multiple instruments that are not alike and still does extremely well in them! She always kept her section of the band held to a higher standard than the rest. Please come up, [My Name]!”

Me: *goes up to the band director*

Director: “After you graduate, it will be hard to find an oboist and a flutist to fill your shoes.”

(After the photo, I sit down with my parents.)

Mom: “I like how he acknowledged that you played multiple instruments.”

Me: “He didn’t for [Friend], though. I don’t think he caught that she sings, plays clarinet, plays flute, and plays bass clarinet…”

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