Instrumental In Their Own Ignorance

| Friendly | June 19, 2014

(I am on my way to an orchestra rehearsal with my double bass. When I approach the bus stop, pretty much everyone sitting down jumps up and makes space for me, which is much appreciated. Once I am settled, one of the people who’d got up sits back down next to me and nods at my bass.)

Stranger: “Wow, that’s a pretty big cello. You must be really strong to carry that around all day!”

Me: “Haha, thanks, but I’m afraid this is a double bass. I’d love to learn the cello too, though. My sister learns it, and—”

Stranger: “No, no, I’m sure of it- that’s definitely a cello. You into that classical music, then? I really love… I really love [famous violin piece]. Yeah. That’s a cello thing, isn’t it? Do you play that?”

Me: “Well, no, but—”

(Just then, one of the actual cellists in my orchestra shows up. I breathe a sigh of relief, hoping that I can finally get it through this guy’s head that what I have is a bass. Unfortunately…)

Stranger: “Oh, look! A violin-playing friend for you!”

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