Insisting On An Iron Ban

| Related | September 30, 2013

(I am out shopping, and witness the following exchange between a mother and her son who appears to be between seven and nine. They are passing by one of those eye-catching displays presenting costumes.)

Mother: “Oh, look! It’s Iron Man!” *starts stroking the costume* “Isn’t it so cute? It’s so adorable! I know you want it. I’m going to buy it for you. Do you want it, sweetie? I’m buying it for you!”

Son: “NO! Not another costume! I have too many at home already to pick from. Please, Mom, no more. Please! Leave them alone!”

(The son starts physically dragging his mother away, with both of them pleading the entire time.)

Mother: “But it’s so cute! Please? I won’t make you wear it. It’s okay to have cute things!”

(I pass by them several times throughout the store, and the mother was still begging each time!)

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