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Insanely Hot

| Working | December 3, 2015

(Over the summer I am working in a factory to help pay for school. The sales department is in an air conditioned office; everyone else is on the factory floor if it is not too hot out. There is a record heat wave, so today the factory line is sent home, but the service department is still taking calls. I am taking service calls with a customer, so my manager picks up the other line, and I hear the following…)

Manager: “Graystone Insane Asylum. How may I direct your call?”

(Next call…)

Manager: “Graystone! Are you a new patient or a current outpatient?”

(Next call…)

Manager: “This is Graystone, a full service asylum!”

(A sales rep comes in from the front.)

Sales Rep: “Hey, I keep trying to call you, but somehow I get the mental institution.”

Me: “So what’s the difference?”

Sales Rep: “It’s not that bad here.”

Manager: “He is educated, and he still chooses to work with us.”

Me: “Yup, welcome to the asylum — hotter than Hell.”

Sales Rep: “Oh, yeah, I was calling to see if you could bring us some new bottles for the water cooler. It’s so hot up front.”

(I look at another coworker, who is trying to fry an egg on the loading dock.)

Me: “Hot, you say…?”

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