Innocence Lost

| Related | August 23, 2013

(I’m 15 years old. My mother mentions to her friend that I love to read. Her friend buys me a bunch of new books to read, as a present. I begin reading, and I realize that some of them are ‘adult’ books. My mom is kind of strict, so I’m surprised she would okay me reading these books, but I figure she is loosening up a bit and say nothing. A few weeks pass…)

Mom’s Friend: “So how is your daughter liking her new books? Is she reading them?”

Mom: “Oh yes, she is devouring them.”

Mom’s Friend: “That’s great! I’m glad she is enjoying them. It’s great that a young woman of 25 still enjoys a good book.”

Mom: “25? No, she is 15.”

Mom’s Friend: “15?! I thought that you said that she was 25!”

(My mom comes into my room red-faced, and takes my books. She donates them to charity! She doesn’t talk to that friend anymore.)

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