Infinitely Loopy, Part 7

| Working | March 9, 2013

(Last Friday, I discovered I’d lost my debit card, which had about €35 left on the electronic purse chip. I’m now at the bank to pick up my replacement card.)

Teller: “So, here’s your new card. If you could just sign this form?”

Me: “Thanks. Just one more question: my old card still had about €35 left on it. Is that money lost now, or could you look up the exact amount in your computer system, and could it be transferred onto my new card?”

Teller: “The remaining amount can indeed be transferred to your new card, sir.”

Me: “That’s great. Please go ahead and do so.”

Teller: “If you could just put your old card in the card reader, sir?”

Me: “…My old card?”

Teller: “Yes, just so I can verify the exact amount, and then I can transfer it to your new card.”

Me: “So, let me get this right: you need me to put my old card into this card reader?”

Teller: “Exactly, sir.”

Me: “The old card that I reported lost last week, and for which you’ve just handed me a replacement?”

Teller: “That’s right, sir. I need both cards to do the transaction.”

Me: “Well, if I still had my old card, I wouldn’t be here to pick up a replacement, now would I?”

Teller: “You do have a point, sir. However, if you want me to transfer the money, I will be needing both the card you lost and your new card, sir.”

(I took that final pearl of wisdom as my cue to leave.)


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