Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Womanhood

| Romantic | August 5, 2013

(My girlfriend has just come over so that we can go to dinner. I don’t get ready to leave before she gets here, because I was watching ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’. She gives me a look of impatience as I get ready.)

Me: “Almost done, babe. Just gotta grab my wallet and keys.”

Girlfriend: *sighs* “Alright.”

(As I walk past her to go put my shoes on, she asks me for a kiss. I lean in for the kiss. Halfway there, I stop, open my eyes, and put my finger on her lips.)

Me: *in Short-Round’s accent* “No time for love, Doctor Jones!”

Girlfriend: “Guess who’s not getting his Short-Round into the Temple later tonight!”

Me: “You ripped out my heart just now. Kalimah!”

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