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Incredibly Entitled Or Breathtakingly Unobservant?

, , , , | Right | April 29, 2022

The grease vents caught fire at the fast food place my daughter managed. The fire things did what they are supposed to do and it was out fast. There was no real damage, but it was a mess. There were firetrucks out in front of the store, hoses hooked to trucks and hydrants, and police cars all around.

My daughter was talking to cops and fire. She knew most since her dad was a firefighter. 

Then, a car drove around the firetrucks and police cars with all the flashing lights you want, around all the hoses, and up to the drive-thru speaker. And the driver waited. Then, he started shouting.

Driver: “Hello?! Why isn’t anybody here?!”

One policeman finally stopped laughing long enough to say:

Policeman: “Let me go take his order!”

Let’s just say that his takeout cost way more than the coffee he felt the need to try to order.

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