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Incorrectly Referencing

| Learning | July 9, 2014

(I’m applying for university, and I have to get references from all my subject teachers.)

Maths Teacher: “I finished your reference. Here you go.”

Me: “Thank you! Oh… erm, I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t know if I can use this.”

Maths Teacher: “What’s wrong with it?”

Me: “Well you’ve written “[My Name] sometimes struggles with maths and asks for help.”

Maths Teacher: “Well yes, remember two weeks ago when you asked the question about the homework assignment?”

Me: “… No?”

Maths Teacher: “Yes, you called me over to your desk and asked for help because you didn’t understand the homework assignment.”

Me: “Um… no. I called you over because you had marked three of my correct answers as incorrect.”

Maths Teacher: “Yeah, right. So you sometimes struggle and ask for help.”

Me: “Sir, asking you to correct mistakes that YOU made does not mean I struggle at this subject!”

Maths Teacher: “Well, whatever. Universities like this. It shows you’re not afraid to ask for help. Why are you so bothered by this, anyway?”

Me: “Because I’m applying to do a maths degree. I think the university is going to care about what my MATHS teacher says about my MATHS abilities when I’m applying to study maths!”

Maths Teacher: “I have a stack of references to write. Just blank that bit out if you’re going to make such a fuss!”

(I got the head of maths at my school to write my reference instead, and I got into university. Now I have a first class honours degree in maths. Not bad for a girl who ‘struggles’ with maths!)

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