Incompetence Is All In The Wrist

| Working | May 7, 2014

(I have recently injured my wrist while on the job. Normally I have a fairly high pain tolerance, but this was to the extent that I couldn’t do anything more strenuous than writing with a pen or typing on a keyboard. Thankfully, there’s an emergency medical office across the street from where I work, and it’s part of our insurance’s circle, so everything will be handled as part of on-the-job injury coverage. After filling out the paperwork – carefully – and waiting a short time, I go in to see the doctor.)

Doctor: “So, what’s the problem?”

Me: “I injured my wrist. I don’t think it’s outright broken, but moving it in any direction hurts so badly it shoots up to my shoulder.”

(As I was talking, the doctor is unwrapping the athletic bandage I had around my wrist. He then proceeds to start squeezing and rubbing my wrist as well as turning my hand every which way.)

Doctor: “Well, it seems fine. There’s a bit of bruising but no swelling and you don’t seem to be in that much discomfort.”

(It seemed the fact that I wasn’t screaming in pain meant there ‘wasn’t much discomfort.’ That my free hand was white-knuckle-gripping the table and I had tears running down my face didn’t seem to matter.)

Me: “It hurts a LOT. Please stop…”

Doctor: *still working my hand around* “Are you sure you’re not just trying to get money from your work?”

Me: “STOP! I can’t take it! STOP!”

(I yanked my arm out of his grip and he began yelling at me about “causing a disturbance”. It seemed that I shouted loud enough for one of the other doctors to hear. She came in and, after hearing both sides of the story, left to have a few words with the other doctor. The new doctor was the only one to come back. Thankfully, the x-rays she set up for me came back that it was just a severe strain, nothing torn or broken. If they HAD been, it turned out that the way the first doctor had manhandled me could have done permanent damage to the very tiny bones in the wrist!)

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