Incapable Of Putting Themselves In Someone Else’s Shoes

, , , | Right | March 27, 2020

(The shoe department manager storms into the break room while we’re talking about unruly customers and tells us a story that beats us all. She was the only one in the department with two customers who needed help at the same time.)

Manager: *to the second group* “I’ll be with you in a moment!”

Customer: “I need these shoes in this size.”

Manager: “Sure, let me get them for you.”

(The manager gets her a few types and sizes for her to try on.)

Manager: “While you try those on, I’m just going to go help those other customers. When I’m done I’ll come back and see how you’re doing with these.”

(The manager goes to leave when, suddenly, the customer grabs her arm tightly and literally pulls her back, nearly slamming her into the shelf behind her.)

Customer: “No. You are serving me and you will wait on me until I am finished.”

(Had she not been the manager, there would have been some choice words!)

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