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Inappropriate Gaymes

| Learning | October 15, 2014

(My mom is a daycare teacher with kids aged two to five in one area of the centre. In another area there’s a before- and after-school program for kids aged six to twelve. They’re doing a games day, and are making signs for it. My mom goes to their room to talk to one of the teachers. A lot of the children had her as their teacher when they were little, so they know her.)

Children: “Ms. [Mom], Ms. [Mom], come look at our signs!”

(My mom looks at the painted banners, each with the name of a different game or event, e.g. Three Legged Race, Sack Race, etc. Everything is fine until she gets to the banner for the Capture the Flag game.)

Mom: “Um… how did you make these signs, guys?”

Children: “Well each person got to draw and colour in our letter.”

Mom: *calls for the older kid’s teacher* “Did you proof-read these signs?”

Other Teacher: “No. Why?”

Mom: *points at the sign which should read CAPTURE THE FLAG, but is missing the letter ‘L.’*

Other Teacher: “Oh, my gosh!”

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