In Your Hour Of Need

, , , , , , | Working | November 2, 2018

(I’m at the hardware store, speaking to a manager, since my water tank is broken and I have not heard back from the plumber.)

Me: “I’m waiting to be called by the plumber. I was told they would call within 48 hours.”

Manager: “Yeah, you have to wait for their call. There’s nothing I can do.”

Me: “But it’s been more than 48 hours.”

Manager: “No. It’s within 48 open business hours.”

Me: “Seriously?”

Manager: “Eight hours per day.”

Me: “Right, so… six days?!”

Manager: “Probably.”

Me: “But I need the tank. I have no hot water.”

Manager: “Maybe you’d like the emergency service, then? It’s $200 extra, and it’s within 24 hours.”

Me: “You mean three days?”

Manager: “Well… no. A day is 24 hours.”

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