In Trouble With The Prints-iple

, | Learning | July 25, 2017

I am in the library, trying to print an essay for my history class. I go to retrieve it from the printer, only to see that it didn’t work. I spend several minutes trying to find the problem but everything seems to be working perfectly. I press print again but it still won’t print. I am getting increasingly frustrated and resort to hitting the print button over and over again. I finally give up and call a staff member to help. She does everything I just did (including continually pressing the print button) and can’t seem to figure out the problem either.

I an about to leave the library when I hear an announcement calling me to the main office. I go to the office and see a chemistry teacher with a large stack of papers, several feet high. I had been sending my essay to the printer in the chemistry lab the whole time and it was interrupting her class. I got a warning not to do it again. That was the last time I ever tried to print something at school.

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