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In Tough Times, You Can Either Make Things Better Or Worse

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: ElephantExplosion | March 27, 2022

This happened during the time when everyone bought up horrendous amounts of toilet paper during the health crisis.

At one point, I had worked at the store I was shopping in, but at this point, I was not working there and it had been over two years since I had.

The store only let you have one pack of toilet paper; it didn’t matter if it was four rolls or sixteen rolls. You only got one pack. I had to get to the store extremely early and stand in line for two hours before they opened, and the lucky ones of us that actually ran to the toilet paper aisle were the ones that got the big packs.

I was fortunate enough to get one of the larger packs. I actually did need toilet paper, and it was my mother’s regular shopping day, so I grabbed two packs to put in the cart. I called my mother to see if she needed toilet paper because if she did, I was going to do the rest of my shopping, wait on her, and then hand it off to her; by the time she got to the store, there wouldn’t be any left. She told me that she had enough toilet paper and she didn’t need any.

By this time, the shelves were pretty bare; all that was left was basically paper towels. I heard an elderly woman on the phone sounding like she was about to cry.

Elderly Woman: “I even got here early… But then everybody ran, and when I got to the toilet paper, there wasn’t any left. I’ve not had any toilet paper for two days. This is the third store I’ve gone to this week. This is just horrible.”

I didn’t need the extra toilet paper in my cart anymore, so I approached the woman.

Me: “Are you looking for a specific brand or anything like that?”

Elderly Woman: “I don’t care what brand it is; I just need toilet paper.”

I took the spare out of my cart and gave it to her. She seemed so happy, but then she seemed sad.

Elderly Woman: “I don’t want to take this away from someone else.”

Me: “I grabbed it for my mother, but she doesn’t need it. We’re only allowed to buy one pack, anyway.”

Elderly Woman: *Extremely happy* “You must have been sent from God to bless me, then!”

The sweet elderly woman walked off. Then, another lady came walking up to my cart and started to take the toilet paper out of it.

Me: “Hey, HEY! What the h*** do you think you’re doing?!”

Lady: “Getting my toilet paper.”

Me: “That ain’t your toilet paper; that’s my toilet paper! Get your hands out of my d*** cart!”

Lady: “No, this isn’t! You’re handing out toilet paper!”

Me: “No, the h*** I’m not!”

Lady: “You just gave some to that hag over there!”

Me: “I had extr—”


Me: “Lady, I ain’t worked here in two years. You can just go f*** off.”

I start to walk away with my cart and my toilet paper.

Lady: “YOU STUPID B****!”

She comes walking up behind me and tries to rip it out of my cart. I swing my cart from under her and she falls forward onto the ground.


Me: “Good luck. This place is covered in cameras, and I wasn’t the one that jumped on your cart, so… have fun.”

I went and checked out. I don’t know what happened to that lady, but I’m glad I’ve never seen her again. I hope she never found toilet paper and had to wipe with paper towels.

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