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In Toto Control

| Related | June 9, 2012

(It’s around 2 AM and my dad is surfing online, when Max, our Chihuahua, runs into the living room and puts his front paws on my dad’s knee.)

Dad: *looks down at Max* “What is it, little buddy?”

(He runs to my parents’ room, then quickly runs back into the living room. He looks at my dad, and wags his tail.)

Dad: “What do you want, Max?”

Me: “Daddy, I think Max is saying that it’s time for you to come to bed.”

(He wags his tail, then runs up to my dad and puts his front paws on my dad’s knee again, and whines.)

Dad: “It is late, isn’t it?” *he sighs as he pats Max’s head* “Okay, okay. I’m coming.”

(He gets up and follows Max into the bedroom.)

Me: *shaking my head and laughing* “Good boy, daddy! Good boy!”

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