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In Top Tip Shape

| Working | March 25, 2015

(I’ve ordered pizza online, and selected to pay cash. I live in Australia, where tipping is not expected, ever. Correct change is also usually appreciated. Normally if I don’t have the right change, I will let the driver keep the difference. However, on this occasion I literally only have exactly the amount required.)

Delivery Man: “That’s $24.85.”

Me: *counting the money into his hand* “Here you go! $20, $4, and 85c.”

Delivery Man: *face visibly changes from pleasant to angry*

Me: “Thank you!”

Delivery Man: “…”

Me: “…Um, good night!”

Delivery Man: “…”

Me: “…”

Delivery Man: “FINE.” *storms off*

Me: “I think I’ll pay online from now on…”

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