In The Twilight Of Their Youth, Part 9

| Related | February 2, 2016

(While my oldest niece, who is 18 years old, and I were out painting we were talking about vampires and Twilight.)

Niece: “I LOVE Twilight!”

Me: “It was okay. There were some parts I really liked. Like the eye color changing depending on what you fed on and the wolves. But other than that it kind of gave me a headache. Now if you want some good vampires you have to learn about the REAL ones!”

Niece: “What?” *looks at me like I’m insane*

Me: *rolls my eyes* “No I don’t mean real live vampires. I’m talking about the ones that started it all. Dracula. Interview with the Vampire. You know what? We’re watching the movie and you’ll see.”

(So after painting we return home and I put the movie on for her, warning her about the nudity scenes so she wouldn’t be too embarrassed. When it ends I turn to her.)

Me: “Well? What’d you think?”

Niece: “Wow… I can see why you were so pissed about the vampires in Twilight! This actually makes more sense.”

(And she wasn’t being sarcastic. Ever since then she’s not been able to watch the movies or read the books. Next up is to get her to read Dracula!)


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