In The Twilight Of Their Youth, Part 8

| Related | April 6, 2014

(My aunts are discussing ‘Twilight’ and I have the bad luck of walking in on it.)

Aunt #1: “I always thought Jacob would’ve been better for Bella.”

Aunt #2: “You’re Team Jacob? Terrible.”

Aunt #1: “Hey, Edward’s creepy.”

Aunt #2: “He is not! [My Name], what do you think? Edward or Jacob?”

Me: *deer in headlights for about five seconds* “Uh…” *dramatic tone* “Lestaaaaat. TEAM LESTAAAAAT! NO FAIRIES! AAAAAAHHH! THE SPARKLES BURN! YOU’VE CONTAMINATED MY MIND!” *hisses and runs away*

Aunt #2: *blink* “Oh…kay, then…”

(Fortunately, they have never talked about ‘Twilight’ in my presence again.)

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