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In The Line Of Hire

| Working | June 11, 2012

(I am 17 years old and running the register while the manager and another employee are restocking in the back. I see a big, scary, burly customer steal a box of DVDs, but as I weigh all of 100 pounds soaking wet and it is corporate policy to not confront thieves, I let him walk out the door and alert my manager.)

Me: “[Manager], someone just stole a box of DVD’s. I am going to go call the police.”

Manager: “So, you saw the guy stealing the box of DVDs?”

Me: “Yes, I saw him open the box, pour all the DVDs into a bag, and then walk out the door with it above his head so that the alarm wouldn’t sound.”

Manager: “And you didn’t try to stop him?!”

Me: “Well, I was told during training that we were not supposed to confront thieves.”

Manager: “Screw training! I expect you to try to stop thieves. I am so sick of them stealing from me!”

Me: “So, you wanted me to confront this big, scary guy and do what exactly?”

Manager: “You should have chased or tackled him or something!”

Me: “You wanted me to try to tackle a man who is three times my size?”

Manager: “Exactly! I am so sick of how all you young employees never take any initiative with your jobs!”

Me: “So, your idea of initiative is putting my life in danger over a box of DVDs?”

Manager: “Exactly!”

Me: “Would you have tackled the guy?”

Manager: “No! I have two kids. I can’t be putting my life in danger like that!”

Me: “But I am a kid!”

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