In The Heat Of The Moment

, , , | Working | May 2, 2019

(I work in an office as a receptionist. When the company got this building, there was no reception, but when one was made, it turned out that this one point was the coldest point in the building, and there was no way the climate system could get it warm. So, we got a mobile heater and it works like a charm. In the summer, it’s the coolest place of the building. One day, the CEO and one of the high-ranked managers come inside after borrowing the company bikes. They hand in the keys.)

Manager: “Man, it’s cold outside; look at my hands!” *shows red hands*

Me: “I can imag— Oh, wait, I believe you! Those keys are cold!”

CEO: “My hands are freezing!”

Me: *jokingly* “You poor things!” *pulls out mobile heater* “Why don’t you warm up your hands here?”

(I expect them to decline or walk around the reception and warm their hands. Instead, they lunge over my desk and both put their hands on top of the heater! They are now laying on top of my reception desk, not caring about their expensive business suits, and they release a relieved “Aaaaaah” of sweet contentment.)

CEO: “Next time we take the bikes, this thing is coming along!”

Manager: “How long is our longest extension cord?”

(My CEO and manager are pretty cool people.)

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