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In Soviet Russia, Language Speaks You

, , , | Right | October 21, 2010

(I am the customer in this story. I am looking for a certain book on WWII, but am having trouble finding the section.)

Employee: “Hey, could I help you find something?”

Me: “Ah, yes! I’m trying to find [Book]. Could you help me?”

(The employee has a very wide-eyed surprised look. She slowly nods and motions for me to follow.)

Employee: *speaking loudly and slowly* “Sir, these help?”

Me: “No, I’m looking for history.”

Employee: “Umm…” *looks down the books and hands me a Russian-English dictionary.*

Me: “Ah, I wasn’t speaking English, was I?” (She shakes her head and I laugh.) “Sorry about that. I was looking for [Book].”

(The employee laughed and took me to where I had wanted to go, the rest of our conversation, thankfully, in English.)

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