In Receipt Of The Dumbest Scam

, , , , | Legal | May 28, 2019

(My lead cashier calls me up to tell me about a return a customer tried to make. The customer had a suitcase — with the security devices still on it, I might add — that she said she’d bought, but didn’t have the receipt for.)

Cashier: “Her story seemed kind of far-fetched… She told me she tried to return it to [Competitor] first, but they told her it wasn’t theirs and sent her over here, despite the fact that there is a very large price tag on it that says, ‘[Store].’”

Me: “What about the security tags? We don’t normally miss something like that.”

Cashier: “She said that we forgot to take them off. Either way, she said she’d go find her receipt and left the suitcase here. That was about an hour ago.”

(I went to check the cameras, just in case her story was true. I’m glad I did, because what I found still has me laughing. The customer had walked into the store, empty-handed, to the place we keep items that customers don’t want. She then grabbed the suitcase and immediately stepped into the return line. After my cashier had taken the suitcase, she lingered around the store for fifteen minutes before leaving. Probably the stupidest, most half-a**ed scam I’ve ever seen!)

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