In Protest Of An Odd Violation

| PA, USA | Friendly | April 24, 2016

(I have a bunch of friends who are all in the same fraternity. One day I notice something odd…)

Me: “In [Fraternity], do you pledge not to wear matching socks?”

Friend #1: “What? Why?”

Me: *pointing at Friend #1, then at two others whose socks don’t match* “One, two, three…”

Friend #1: “Is [Friend #2, who hasn’t been mentioned yet] wearing matching socks? [Friend #2] is wearing matching socks.”

Friend #2: “I’m in protest of that rule.”

Friend #1: “[Friend #3, also not yet mentioned] is wearing matching socks.”

Me: “So [Friend #2] and [Friend #3] are in protest. Well, I don’t know if [Friend #3] is in protest. He could be in violation.”

Friend #3: “Of what?”

Friend #1: “[My Name] thinks that in [Fraternity], we pledge to not wear matching socks.”

Friend #3: “Yes, I’m in violation. They’ll kick me out if they find out. Don’t tell anyone.”

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