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In Plain Sight

| Romantic | September 13, 2011

(This is the second date with a guy I’d met online. The first date was okay…the guy was a little strange in an undefinable way, but seemed harmless. So, I’ve agreed to see him again. Note that I recently started wearing contact lenses. One is bugging me, so I rub my eye.)

Guy: “Is there something wrong with my eye?”

Me: “No, my contact was just itchy.”

Guy: “It’s because I’ve got a fake eye, isn’t it? Are they looking in the same direction?”

Me: *thinking he’s joking* “Yeah, you look fine!”

Guy: “I can take it out if you want. Wanna see?”

Me: *realizing he’s serious* “No!”

Guy: “Here we go!”

(He proceeds to take his eyeball out at the dive bar and show it to me. I cringe and try not to look at what I assume is now a gaping hole in his face. He puts it back in.)

Guy: “Is it looking the right way again?”

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