In Need Of Hire Education, Part 2

| Working | January 13, 2013

(My friend and her manager are both training a new hire. However, the new hire doesn’t like asking for help. Note: the store she works at offers a credit card.)

Manager: “Hey, [new hire], do you know how to make a payment?”

New Hire: “Of course I do.”

(My friend, who is working a few feet away, and her manager both know the new hire doesn’t know how.)

Manager: “Great, can you ring me up?”

New Hire: “Sure.” *stares blankly at the screen*

Manager: “…Are you going to ring me out?”

New Hire: “Oh yeah, I think there’s something on the pin pad for you to do.”

Manager: *checks* “No, there isn’t.”

New Hire: “Oh… well, this register probably isn’t working then.”

(They move to a new register and the same process repeats.)

Manager: “Let me see the screen.”

New Hire: *shows him the screen*

Manager: “You need to press the ‘Payments’ button. I thought you said you knew how to ring up payments.”

New Hire: “I do!”

Manager: “I came over here to see if you knew how to ring up payments, and I know you don’t, so I wanted to see if you would ask [my friend] for help since she’s supposed to be training you. She can’t train you if she doesn’t know what you need help on.”

New Hire: “I don’t need any help!”

(Fortunately, my friend’s manager later told her that the new hire will probably just be a temp for the holidays!)


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