In Memorial Of Military Decorum

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I work for a well-known retail clothing store and am working the customer service desk on Monday Memorial Day. Our military members receive an additional percentage off on Monday. An army soldier and his wife walk up to my desk. They have Levi jeans on hold so I grab them.

Customer’s Wife: “I have a 20%-off coupon and I want to use my military coupon for my pants.”

Me: “I’m sorry, love, but the military coupons aren’t stackable and they don’t qualify for the coupon as it’s an excluded item. Most of our major brands are excluded; it says so right on the coupon in bold letters.”

Customer’s Wife: *Bright red and clearly upset* “What does ‘exclusion’ mean?! You’re just using words to confuse me!”

Me: “It just means that these pants do not take coupons.”

Customer:It’s Memorial Day and this is how you treat your military members?!”

Me: “Sir? You can buy any other jeans in this store, but these specific jeans just don’t work.”

Customer: “WOW!” *Throws a pen at me* “You know, I work day in and day out, and on all days, you won’t let me on Memorial Day. I do this all the time!”

Me: “What? Complain? I believe that. There is no way to even give a discount, even if I wanted to, because our system doesn’t allow us to bypass that since it’s an item that doesn’t take coupons.”

Customer: “This is what I serve this country for! Unbelievable!”

Me: “My husband is a soldier, and you should know just like I know that Memorial Day is just that: to remember our fellow soldiers that didn’t make it back home. Not for d**ks like you to use their military status to try and make me feel bad. You should be ashamed.”

Customer: “You just lost a valuable customer! I am calling corporate! Who is your manager?!”

Me: “I am, sir. So pleased to meet you; here is the number. Here is my employee number. Let them know I said hello!”

The customer and his wife stormed out.

The next day, my general manager talked to me letting me know that corporate had reached out to let her know that I handled the customer correctly and that the customer was informed that he isn’t allowed back to our specific location.

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