In Line But Out In Space

, , | Right | November 15, 2019

(My boyfriend and I are in line at a Mexican fast food restaurant with a very small menu — maybe seven items. It’s very busy and the line is very long; it’s taking about fifteen minutes to get through. There’s a woman in front of us by herself. My boyfriend and I are chatting about what we’re going to order so we’re prepared when we get to the front of the line. The woman in front of us isn’t on her phone or anything, just staring off into space. She gets to the front of the line and the worker asks her what she’d like.)

Woman: “Oh, I don’t know. Hmm… Let me think.”

Boyfriend: *whispering in my ear* “Seriously? We’ve been in line for over ten minutes! She hasn’t figured it out yet?”

(The woman continues to hem and haw for a moment, then turns back to look at the menu on the wall again. The same wall everyone in line has been staring at the entire time.)

Woman: “Do you sell burritos here?”

Me: “Good grief!”

(The worker looked like he wanted to kill her. The rest of her transaction went much the same way: she had to ask about all the options, changed her mind repeatedly. Another worker was able to take our order, and we had our food and sat down and were halfway done eating before she even got out of line.)

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