In Line And Out Of Line, Part 3

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(My friend and I are seeing a comedy show. It’s first-come, first-serve, so we get there early to get in line. There’s a substantial line by the time the doors are supposed to open. That time comes and goes, and finally, an employee comes out.)

Employee: “Sorry, guys, but the power isn’t working at all. We’ve got the power company coming, but we can’t let you in yet.”

(Everyone in line seems to be satisfied with that and the employee goes back in. Then, I hear the guys behind me start mumbling.)

Guy #1: “Can you believe this!”

Guy #2: “I know, right? They could just let us in and we could wait.”

(Admittedly, I think they should have let us know about the problem a little earlier, but the problem is pretty much out of the club’s control. This club is also rather large, and obviously it would be a huge fire/safety hazard to cram a pitch-black comedy club. I just try to ignore the two guys complaining, which shockingly doesn’t help the situation feel any better. The employee comes out after about twenty minutes.)

Employee: “Hey, guys, they’re trying to get the power back on still. We have some bottles of water for you while you wait.”

Guy #1: “Water, really? It’s cold out. Coffee would be better.”

(It takes all my self-control to not snap at the guy how he wants them to make coffee when there’s no power, but I just try to ignore him. The employee goes back in but after about twenty more minutes, he comes out again. By now, the show should have started.)

Employee: “Sorry, everyone, but they aren’t going to have the power back on in time. You can stay and wait if you want, but there’s another show after yours, so we would have to let in all those people and you could only be seated if we have any seats left.”

Guy #2: “This is ridiculous! I want my money back.”

Employee: “Of course you’re going to get your money back. Did you book through us?”

Guy #2: “No, I got it off [Ticketing Company].”

Employee: “Oh, sorry, if you bought if off them, they’re going to refund it to you. Don’t worry, they’ll do it automatically.”

Guy #2: “But I want cash!”

(My friend and I walk away and get on the trolley to get back home.)

Me: “Can you believe those guys? They were so rude.”

Friend: “Yeah, I knew they were jerks when they cut in line.”

Me: “They what? I thought they were with those other people.”

Friend: “Nope, they cut.”

Me: “So they cut and then thought they had the right to complain about seats they didn’t even deserve?”

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