In Line And Out Of Line, Part 14

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My favourite takeout restaurant has a limit of five customers inside at a time due to social distancing measures. I look through the glass door and count four customers, so I touch the door. 

Woman: “Hey, lady, what do you think you are doing?!”

I look to a woman, sitting in a chair on the side, with three children. She is quite far away from the door.

Woman: “It’s my turn! You have to wait in line!”

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you were waiting. Well, there are only four customers inside, so feel free to go inside.”

Woman: “No, they will let you know when the next one can go inside. Don’t you know anything?”

I look around if there might be a changed rule, but the woman keeps on going. 

Woman: “These people are waiting, as well! Wait your turn!”

Man: “Eh, no, I’m not. I already ordered and I’m just waiting for it to be done.”

Woman #2: “And I’m just waiting for my husband, who is inside. They don’t call for the next customer; you can go in when someone else left.”

Me: “Well, then that really means you are next! Feel free to go!”

The woman goes inside with her three children — two are at least twelve so they could easily wait outside — and they order ice cream. They are done quite quickly, but while the kids leave the restaurant through the entrance — there’s a separate entrance and exit — the woman keeps on walking back and forth through the restaurant, forcing the people inside to avoid her over and over again. Eventually, she leaves the restaurant… through the entrance, as well. 

Woman: “Now, was waiting that hard?! To follow these simple instructions… There’s a crisis going on, you know!”

I tried to smile at the nasty woman and finally went inside.

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